Meet the Characters

Olan Rogers as Gary

An impetuous, adventurous devil may care guy, who loves danger. Over the course of the first season, we’ll see Gary transform from a small time scammer to a universe saving hero.


Coty Galloway as Avocato

Think Han Solo if he tongue bathed himself. He's skillful, dangerous and not so trustworthy. The makings of a very imperfect best friend.


Olan Rogers as Mooncake

An innocent, cute little ball of pureness, who Gary eventually figures out is a planet destroying super weapon. Like a boy with his dog, everything changes in Gary's life with this guy.

Tika Sumpter as Quinn

A brilliant badass, who makes a terrifying discovery — there’s a breach in Time/Space, and when no one will listen, she steals a space ship and goes rogue to investigate — an obstacle made more difficult by the arrival of a time traveler named Nightfall, who just so happens to ALSO be Quinn — back from a dark future.


Tom Kenny as HUE

HUE is the Galaxy One’s artificial intelligence — the voice of reason to Gary's non-reason. No matter how many times HUE proves to be smarter, Gary never listens. Without HUE, Gary is screwed. There is no Gary without his HUE.

Fred Armisen as KVN

Gary’s Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion — who Gary hates with every passion in his being.

David Tennant as Lord Commander

The most dangerous being in the galaxy — and he’s really short. He’s also dying. The only thing that can keep him alive is Mooncake. And he’ll stop at nothing to get him.

Steven Yeun as Little Cato 

Avocato’s son, who’s been captured and held prisoner by the Lord Commander. Separated from his father for years, Little Cato is determined to be reunited with his father.

Olan Rogers as Tribore

Tribore is the lovable but highly annoying fashionista who goes from Quinn’s assistant to the heroic leader of the resistance.